VDIComputer Networking is an area of study that is difficult to master without significant hands-on practice. Computer networking is all about connecting different computers with only one network just for finding and sharing things between the computers that are connected.

For learning computer networking I had gone through many books of networking and online tutorials for understanding the concept theoretically. After that, I applied practically whatever I learned in theory.

According to my point of view as I  experienced, read as many books as possible to get familiar with commonly used terms or concepts. If you feel it is difficult to understand a particular concept from the book, then you can go for its online tutorials or courses. A lot of knowledge is there on the internet, the only thing is to choose wisely and grasp the concepts.

As I have also searched for similar tutorials, I suggest starting with Learn computer Networks- Best computer networks tutorials| Hackr.io

I found it very useful for my learning about computer networking.


Tips which I suggest to follow for effective learning of computer networking:

There is no better way to learn technology than getting your hands dirty. To learn about networking, it’s important you understand what all are the scenarios in which devices can be connected and how would you make them talk.

  • Follow the course structure of a CCNA (Cisco Network Associate)exam, it will take you through the basics to some intermediary stuff. CCNA covers a wide range of topics such as basic networking, routing, switching,

and WAN.


Cisco offers five levels of information technology certification, from entry level to expert. Like many computer-related jobs, CCNAs might be able to work from home. Though this might mean being able to work a flexible schedule, it could also involve occasionally working nights or weekends. No specific degree is required to earn the CCNA credential. However, a degree in computer science or information science might be required by employers in the IT field. CCNAs typically have some common key skills, including communication skills, troubleshooting skills, organizational skills, customer service skills, analytical skills, familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite and the ability to use industry-specific tools.

How to get a CCNA certification?

1. Become a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

2. Achieve entry-level certification.

3. Prepare for and take the CCNA exam.

4. Consider specialist exams.

5. Become a Network Administrator or software developer.     

  By this, you would have a fair knowledge of how networking work.

Download any network simulator(like GNS3) and build a network of your own. Start with a simple network of two or three devices. Set them up and try running different protocols.

Another way to learn networking is to follow these steps for efficiently learning computer networking:-

  • Search for a topic on google. E.g., TCP/IP or firewall or DNS or HTTP.
  • See various links presented. Skip off the ones that have too many technical details during the initial study.
  • Read the pages which explain things in little simpler terms, some like “How stuff works” kind of pages.
  • Once you understood the concept and saw some practical applications of it, then go for technical details.

Here are some books and online videos that you must go through for better learning:


Must read-

      1. Computer networking: A top-down approach by   Kurose and Ross

2. Computer networks by Andrew S.Tanenbaum and David Wetherall

3. TCP/IP Protocol Suite by Behrouz A. Forouzan


      Computer networks

      Computer Sc- Data communication

      Computer Sc- Computer Networks

Various websites are available, through which you can learn computer networking.

Here are the top 5 websites that will help in learning computer networking:download (6)


Alexa ranking: 522

  1.   edx

     Alexa ranking: 1,178 (june 2017)

  1.   OEDb

       Alexa ranking: 125,951

  1.    MIT OpenCourseWare

     Alexa ranking: 489

  1.   Harvard

      Alexa ranking: 960



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